Watch Himanshu and Riva’s sizzling chemistry in Sundarban Ki Sundari


On the one hand children of famous Bollywood actors have started appearing in Bollywood films, on the other hand, the statement of Bollywood’s famous actress Priyanka Chopra as to how she was alienated from Bollywood and she stopped getting projects, has disappointed new artists.

But away from all these controversies is the young actor Himanshu Goyal who is making his debut in the short film Sunderban Ki Sundari. He is very excited about this film and says: “If you have talent and you are hardworking then nothing can stop you from being successful in Bollywood. Good talent prevails over nepotism.”

Sunderban Ki Sundari also stars the talented actress Riva Arora, famous for her role in the film Uri, in the lead opposite Himanshu. Veteran actor Raza Murad also plays an important role in the film.

This is Himanshu’s first film with Riva Arora but he says that working with Riva did not feel like he was working with her for the first time. “Riva is a very professional and talented actor and it was a pleasure working with her.”

Himanshu is primarily from Delhi but due to work he has now shifted to Mumbai. Considering his father as his role model, Himanshu is also greatly influenced by his mother. He considers his parents as his first gurus who have given him the strength to face the difficulties of life. He likes his mother’s home made food the most and even now whenever he goes to Delhi, he prefers eating that only.

This year is going to be lucky for Himanshu as apart from short film Sunderban Ki Sundari, his music video is also going to be released very soon. Along with this, he will also be seen in an important role in a Bollywood film this year.

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