Parikaribe Bholashankar 2 Music Released


Music of new Odia movie Parikaribe Bholashankar -2 was released at city hotel Monday. After success of Parikaribe Bholashankar , Zee Sarthak Films is bringing its sequel Parikaribe Bholashankar-2.

In the audio release function movie director Mrityunjay Sahoo (Bapi), producer Suneel Kumar Patnaik, Zee Sarthak Channel head Pratik Seal. Music director Prashant Padhi, actor Rakesh Deo actress Lipika Senapati and others were present.

The movie tells a story of Doctor Pravakar who had created a formula which cam cure any poison. But this invention caught attention of doctor Rai and while saving this formula from hands of bad people Pravakar lost his son. Due to lord Shiva blessings the boy is safe and grown up and has super powers. Will Pravaklar will reunite with his son and how they will save the formula from bad people? ‘

All this will be answered on April 9 at 6:30pm at when it will be telecast at Zee Sarthak Channel.

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