Rani Mukerji reacts after Norwegian ambassador slams Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway


Norwegian Ambassador Hans Jacob Frydenlund has recently claimed that Rani Mukerji’s latest film Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway is a ‘fictional representation’ of a true case. He remarked that the film has factual inaccuracies.

Now, Rani Mukerji has reacted to these allegations and said the film was not made to ‘hurt anybody’.

Speaking to a mainstream media house, the bong actor said, “Everybody is entitled to an opinion. This film was not really made to offend anybody. It was a story of a mother that needed to be told to and seen by a lot of people. People need to be aware of stories like this that are happening in the world.”

“It is a true story, and the intention of the film was very different from what was being projected in the opinion that was given. It was about a mother’s journey”, remarked Rani further.

The film made at roughly 35 crores has grossed a total of 30 crore worldwide.

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