Odia Film ‘T’ to captivate audiences as it gets Hindi release soon


Bhubaneswar: The highly acclaimed Odia-language film “T,” directed by Jitesh Kumar Parida, is all set to mesmerize audiences as it gears up for a Hindi release.

This remarkable film, based on the life of Meghna Sahoo, India’s first transgender taxi driver, has captured hearts and minds with its powerful narrative and stellar performances. Now, with its Hindi adaptation, “T” aims to reach a wider audience and further spread its message of acceptance and empowerment.

“T” chronicles the extraordinary life journey of Meghna Sahoo, played brilliantly by Debasish Sahoo. Born as Vishnu, Meghna faces abuse and discrimination for expressing her feminine identity. Determined to explore her own sexuality, she turns to sex work in the Kinnar locality. Despite the challenges, Meghna’s resilience leads her to secure a corporate job, only to be abruptly terminated when her transgender identity is revealed.

Undeterred by adversity, Meghna undergoes sex reassignment surgery, embarking on a transformative path to become India’s first transgender taxi driver.

Her journey doesn’t stop there, as she emerges as a strong advocate for the kinnar community, working tirelessly to uplift their lives and challenge societal prejudices. Even in the face of opposition and violence, Meghna’s unwavering dedication propels her to become a revered leader within her community.

The decision to release the Hindi- Original version of “T” comes as a response to the immense success and acclaim the film has received in its original Odia version. With its profound storytelling and captivating performances by Prasanjeet Mohapatra, Usasi Misra, Ranbeeir Kalsi, and Hara Rath, “T” has struck a chord with audiences, garnering recognition for its thought-provoking narrative.


Director Jitesh Kumar Parida’s remarkable vision and direction have garnered attention and praise, resulting in an influx of enquiries from renowned production houses, actors, and distributors. The widespread interest in Parida’s work stands as a testament to his creative prowess and the impact of “T” in illuminating the struggles and triumphs of the transgender community.

The release of the Hindi version of “T” is a significant step towards amplifying the film’s reach and ensuring that Meghna Sahoo’s inspiring story resonates with a wider audience. By transcending language barriers, the film aims to promote inclusivity, educate, and foster a more accepting society.

As “T” prepares to make its Hindi debut, audiences are eagerly anticipating the chance to witness Meghna Sahoo’s incredible journey unfold on the big screen. The film’s expansion into Hindi cinema represents a milestone in bringing stories of marginalized communities to the forefront and highlighting the extraordinary contributions they make.

“T” is not merely a film but a catalyst for change, shining a spotlight on the challenges faced by the transgender community while celebrating their resilience and triumphs. With its upcoming Hindi release, “T” is poised to inspire, enlighten, and ignite conversations about equality and acceptance in Indian society.

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