Mindgame producer Martha accuses Tutu Nayak of damaging his movie.



Bhubaneswar: Producer Sridhar Martha who produced recently released Odia movie Mindgame, Saturday at a press meet accused producer Tutu Nayak of dividing Odia movie industry and also damaging his movie Mindgame collection by creating negative controversy.

Martha, who after lot of court battle released his movie Mindgame, which is based on Patnagarh parcel bomb case starring Mamoj Mishra, Atul Kulkarni and others, alleged that Tutu Nayak and his team decided to ban Manoj Mishra without following any proper systematic procedure. They didn’t call Manoj for any clarification and decided to ban him without studying any facts.

Martha said that the decision of banning Manoj who is also co producer of the movie impacted the movie Mindgame.

Sridhar said that this movie was released after lot of struggle and now when it is release in cinema hall some people like Tutu Nayak is trying everything to damage its reputation and my also.

I will request him and others to not damage and divide the industry, he said.

The movie inspired by the incident of 2018’s sensational Patnagarh parcel bomb case in Bolangir district, released across the state on October 6.

Inspired from a shockingly true incident of Hate and Revenge, the film is an investigative thriller that explores the mind-set of a criminal hiding in plain sight. A newly married couple receives a gift box five days after their wedding, their happiness turns short lived when the gift turns out to be a bomb that kills the husband and his grandmother and seriously injuring the wife. A massive investigation begins to find the killer.

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