Ollywood beauties watch the new Odia movie Katak


Bhubaneswr: Ollywood beauties and actress Bhoomika Dash, Divtya Mohanty, Elina Samantaray, Anu Choudhury, Riya Dey, Usasi Mishra, singer Antara Chakraborty, anchor Gungun and others enjoyed a perfect evening by watching new Odia movie Katak-Sesha Ru Aramba . The stars post watching the movie Katak click selfies and share it ion social media.
Actress Bhoomika shared images saying” Odisha’s rangalata Together. At the screening of ‘Kata-Sesha Ru Arambha’ Actress Divya Mohanty, Riya Dey, singer Antara amd others also shared the images if screening in social media.
The Anasmish Productions and Sidharth Music’s new movie Katak- Sesha Ru Arambha released in cinema halls across the state on Friday.

The gangster movie showcase the fight between gangs to rule the Cuttack and in this fight blood bath occurs and relationship suffer.

The film will showcase gang war and fight to rule cutback between Gangs of Tiger and Guru played by Choudhury Bikash and Sidhanth Mohapatra respectively.

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