Katak makers join hands with Sidharth Music


The Anasmish Productions’ new movie Katak join hands with Sidharth Music. Informing about the collaboration the makers said “Anasmish Production and Sidharth Music join hands together for the biggest collaboration. Now the Teaser, Trailer, songs and video of the movie will be released on Sidharth Music. Earlier, Amara Muzic was the main music partner of the movie.


The movie Katak set in Cuttack will tell the story of underworld in city. The movie is creating lot of excitement as makers had released different looks of the cast in social media. The movie shooting is almost over and makers are planning to release it in Dussehra.
The makes had released looks of Devasis, Sidhanth, Anu and Poonam.

The movie produced under the banner of Anasmish Production. The movie will star Siddhant Mohapatra, Anu Chaudhury, Poonam Mishra, Devasis Patra, Chaudhury Bikash Das and others.

The movie directed by Sudhanshu Mohan Sahoo and produced by Naveen Bhandari and Pritam Sahu.The movie shooting is done in different places of Cuttack.

Earlier, musical anthem of the movie was released. The song sung by Rapper Kalkib and composed by Asad Nizam, tells the story of Cuttack city and celebrate the spirit of the silver city.

In the video important places and landmarks of city were seen such as Ravenshaw University, Orissa High Court, Malgodown, Baliyatra ground etc.
The video also showcase all the important characters of the movie in action importantly Sidhanth Mohapatra, Devasis Patra, Prasanjeet, Poonam Mishra, Anu Choudhury.

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