Zee Sarthak’s ‘Naali Bindu’ campaign is back with awareness on Menstrual hygiene



Bhubaneswar: Every year, Odisha celebrates ‘Raja Parba’, a unique 3-day celebration of womanhood that likens the menstrual cycle of the earth to that of a woman. However, the awareness of menstrual hygiene in Orissa is still low. To spread this awareness, and to prioritise women’s menstrual health, Zee Sarthak who had launched ‘Naali Bindu’ few years ago had launched the campaign again this year on Raja.

This grassroot level project aims to bridge this gap by distributing free pads and making knowledge of menstrual hygiene available for all. Zee Sarthak champions this cause through the year, but it chose ‘Raja Parbo’ to launch a video because it provided a perfect yet ironical opportunity.

Through a hard-hitting video, Zee Saarthak has touched upon the grave truth that many girls in Odisha face problem regularly due to a lack of menstrual hygiene.

The film ends with a call-to-action, asking the viewer to become a ‘Red Friend’ by donating to the ‘Naali Bindu’ website, and helping a girl in need.

The Nali Bindu campaign had won numerous award in last few years.

Prateek Seal, Chief Channel Officer, Zee Sarthak, said, “We had launched Naali Bindu campaign in tandem with Raja Parba festival to spread awareness about women’s right to menstrual hygiene. The channel not only wants to entertain but also wants to aware and educate people about the social issue.

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