Anubhav starrer Courtroom drama ‘Kuhudi’ released in cinema hall across the state on Raja



Bhubaneswar: Ajay Padhi directed and Anubhav Mohanty starrer courtroom drama Kuhudi released in cinema hall across the state on Friday.

Produced by Himadri Tanaya Das under the banner of Camera Queen Production, the movie is based on child custody issue. In the movie Anubhav Mohanty is playing the role of a lawyer fighting for justice. The movie was released at more than 60 cinema hall across the state.

A special premiere show was organised at Swati Cinema hall in Bhubaneswar and Brundaban cinema hall in Cuttack where star cast of the movie including Anubhav Mohanty, Prakruti Mishra, Supriya Nayak, Dipanwit Das Mohapatra and others werr present.

Dipanwit Das Mohapatra, Prakruti Mishra, Supriya Nayak, Kuna Tripathy and Sukumar Tudu play other key roles in the film.

Anubhav was last seen in special appearance in Ajay Padhi directed movie Bigul.


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