Upcoming Film Phalguna Chaitra Displays Intrinsic Value of Odia Households


The upcoming family watch, Odia movie Phalguna Chaitra is set to be released on the big screen on 12th May.

The film’s storyline will follow the similar pattern of recent releases like DAMaN, Adieu Godard, and Pratikshya, that of showing typical Odia people and their life!

Actor Partha Sarathi Ray, who plays the male lead in the film says it’s a relief that young filmmakers are bringing fresh concepts and new stories instead of following the copy paste trend that ruined fans’ experience for some time in the industry.

On the most important aspect of the film, director duo Peenakee Singh & Sisir Sahu remark, “The story is the USP of the movie, as it celebrates the core values of typical Odia families.”

While explaining more on the film’s title Phalguna Chaitra, they say that the plot revolves around an incident that takes place during February-March which corresponds to the ‘Phalguna-Chaitra’ month of Hindu calendar. “We went for the traditional Odia name ‘Phalguna Chaitra’ as traditional Odia names are being seldom used in Odia movies these days”, they said.

Producer Shakti Jagdev recalls, “a couple of years ago, I was veru dejected over the strong criticism on all quarters faced by the industry over the depleting quality of films being made”.

In a fit of rage and then conscious decision, I decided to bring about a change. Phalguna Chaitra is hopefully a small step in the same journey, Jagdev concludes.


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