Leaving my Song from the Movie left me Disheartened: Sonam Bajwa


Actor Sonam Bajwa recently spoke about her first song in the mainstream bollywood films. In an interview, she spoke her heart out about the fiasco!

She said, “I felt very bad. Firstly, I never wanted to do a song. But the team behind it (Street Dancer 3D) made me change my mind. Remo is such a senior artist, director, choreographer. Varun Dhawan is loved by everyone. I was in two minds, should I do the song, should I not do the song. But they’d reached out to me, so I decided to go ahead. And when the song didn’t make it to the final edit of the film, I was very disheartened.”

Sonam feels that her song being cut from the movie has created a negative impression of her in the hindi language industry. After this, she has vowed to be more conscious in her creative decisions.

Sonam is a household name in the Punjabi films, yet she commands a great social media presence across the country.

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