Sidhanth, Shailendra starrer Guddu Gangster released on the eve of Raja


Sidhanth Mohapatra, Shailendra Samantaray starrer ‘Guddu Gangster’ was released today at the cinema halls across the state on Tuesday on the eve of the Raja festival.

After the success of his last movie Bapa Superstar actor Siddhanta Mahapatra is ready with another movie starring him, Shailendra Samantray, and Namrata Thapa titled Guddu Gangster, which was released on June 13.

A special premiere was organized at Maharaja Cinema hall Tuesday, where the star cast of the movie was present.

The Ashok Pati-directed movie is presented by Anashmish Production and Prakash Films.

Ashok Pati said that the movie is a typical Ashok Pati-type movie with fantasy drama and a mixture of comedy, errors, action, and romance and has Sidhanth Mohapatra in a gangster role with Shailendra in a student’s role and how their life interconnected and changed due to some incident is a core of the story. It has a lot of twists and turns.

Other notable roles in the movie are played by Shivani Sangita, Eli Padhi, Krishna Kar, Bobby Mishra, Rakhi Dash, Choudhary Jayprakash and Jevan Panda.

The music direction of the movie is given by Asad Nizam and Kuldeep Patnaik, Humane Sagar, Swayan Padhi, Assema Panda, and Antara Chakraborty.

The movie’s producer is Pritam Sahu, and Bharadwaj Panda wrote the story, screenplay, and dialogue.

The movie is clashing with Anubhav Mohanty starrer Love in London in cinema halls.

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