Mouni Roy shared some important love tips to strengthen relationship


Mumbai: Actress Mouni Roy has shared some important love tips to strengthen relationship.

The actress said not talking too much about the former partner and not overthinking is the mantra to a perfect relationship.

Mouni said “Take Interest in your partner’s Interests: Building a common ground is crucial for a thriving connection. Mouni emphasises the importance of sharing interests to engage in activities together and deepen the bond”

She said, “Don’t talk about your ex too much. Avoid delving into the past excessively.”
Mouni advises against oversharing about ex-partners, as it can potentially bother the current partner and hinder the growth of a relationship. Don’t also overthink, added the Brahmastra actress.

“Overanalysing every aspect of a relationship can lead to unnecessary complications. Mouni encourages going with the flow, allowing connections to develop organically,” she said.

Mouni went to add, “Don’t forget to have fun. Embrace the little joys in relationships. Having fun together strengthens the bond.”
As Mouni suggests, a touch of playfulness can be a powerful ingredient for a lasting and fulfilling connection.

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