Katrina Kaif is the latest victim of a deep fake.


Mumbai: Amid Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake controversy, another concerning incident has surfaced on social media. This time, a deepfaked image from Katrina Kaif’s upcoming film Tiger 3 has gone viral, raising further alarms about the misuse of technology.

The picture showcases a scene from the movie and it has now ignited discussions about the ethical implications of deepfake technology in the entertainment industry.

In the original picture, Katrina is seen wearing a towel and fighting a Hollywood stunt woman, but the altered image shows her wearing a white bikini.

The fans are slamming the internet saying how horrible the technology has become. Nowadays, morphed videos and pictures have become the biggest concern on social media, and it’s high time cybercrime takes some action against these acts.
The term deepfake recently started doing rounds on the internet after the video of Rashmika Mandanna was circulating on social media yesterday. The clip of the Pushpa actor saw a girl entering a lift which had her face. Abhishek Kumar, a journalist and researcher, released the video on X, pleading for a legislative and regulatory framework to address India’s burgeoning deepfakes. The video is originally of Zara Patel, a British-Indian influencer, but her face was replaced with the actor’s face using deepfake technology.

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