Makers of ’72 Hooren’ announce special screening of the film at JNU campus


Ever since the teaser of the film ’72 Hooren’ was released, efforts are being made to create some kind of controversy regarding the film. In the midst of all these controversies, the announcement of the special screening of ’72 Hooren’ by the makers of the film in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus has once again brought the film into the limelight.

By the way, the history of JNU University shows that whenever strong films based on real life have been screened in JNU campus, then some kind of controversy has definitely arisen. In such a situation, due to the performance of ’72 Hooren in the university campus, the matter can prove to be as complicated as before. Earlier, the events after the screening of films based on real events there worked to divide the opinion of the people and often after such screening, aggressive attitude of the people has been seen. Despite all this, the makers of ’72 Hooren’ have announced that the film will be screened on July 04 in the JNU campus.

Meanwhile, some political parties based in Kashmir have raised strong objections to the scenes of mental manipulation of terrorists shown in the film. These political parties say that such negative things presented in the film would send a wrong message to the people about a particular religion and this adversely affect the social fabric. These political parties are afraid that their religion would be inappropriately portrayed on the big screen through the film. This is the reason why all these parties are leaving no stone unturned to block the release of the film.

The well-known religious leader of the country, Maulana Sajid Rashid, while raising his objection on the film ’72 Hooren’, has accused the makers of portraying religious teachings in a wrong way and has spoken of hurting the faith of crores of people through the film. But it is also worth noting that during a discussion related to ’72 Hooren’, the makers accepted that instead of carrying out terrorist incidents, men are shown the dream of 72 Hoors in heaven where they were allowed to debauchery with women. The talk of having complete arrangements also goes somewhere.

Regarding the special screening of the film ’72 Hooren’ in JNU, the makers say that the special screening of the film would be a golden opportunity for Kashmiri Muslims and other students to express themselves regarding the truth of the terrorist incidents shown in the film. They said that unlike the earlier controversies, the upcoming screening of the film should be considered as an excellent medium of open dialogue on a serious issue like terrorism and efforts should be made to understand the matter in a serious manner.

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