If you want to build a film industry in Bihar, shoot your film in Bihar: Shashi Shekhar


Patna: Many questions have been raised regarding the film industry in Bihar and from time to time, artists have been asking for cooperation and demands from the state government for the construction of the film industry, including improving the Bihar cinema policy, giving the film industry the right to industry.

Grant of status, patronage to cine artists, construction of film studios and formation of censor board are important. Shashi Shekhar, the founder of Filmcity Bihar said these things. Shashi Shekhar, while holding an important position in the programming department of ETV Network at Ramoji Filmcity  in Hyderabad for many years before the channel’s launch, has worked for ETV’s Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan platforms and has made its own identity by producing and directing many famous and popular serials for Urdu channel.

Apart from this, he has also contributed as a writer and director in many Bollywood films. From the very beginning, Shekhar has been trying to build the film industry in Bihar and make Bhojpuri cinema world class. In the year 2008, he formed Filmcity Bihar. Shekhar said that in the beginning, people gave him assurance, but no one helped him. In Patna, Mumbai and Hyderabad, he discussed his plans with the people associated with the film industry on the project of Film City Bihar for many years and explained the importance of Bhojpuri to the people.

He said that people are taking Bhojpuri lightly, due to which albums are being made for cheap popularity. But the global turnover of Bhojpuri film industry is more than Rs 2,000 crores annually. Surprisingly, despite this, the condition of the producers of Bhojpuri films is not very good. He said that for the last few years, Filmcity Bihar is getting immense support from the artists of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi and Haryana.

Nevertheless, many of his colleagues have arranged for a lot of equipment-related to the shooting of the film in Bihar with their efforts. Now the postproduction work of the film is also being done in Bihar, as well as now the facility of color grading and DI of films is also available here. He said that the government should not be blamed for everything. “First, we should make some efforts from our level also. Till the time we do not work here, why will the people here and the government cooperate with us,” he said.

Shekhar said that in the coming days Filmcity Bihar would tie up with many production houses of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra to produce films in Bihar. Along with this, Filmcity Bihar has also requested all the senior actors, film stars, film producers and directors of Bihar to open the production house office in Bihar and shoot their films in Bihar. Shekhar said that in the last few years, while talking to the media, many film personalities have given statements regarding the construction of Film City in Bihar, if they really wanted the film industry to be built in Bihar, then they should come and work in Bihar. “Our films should be shot in Bihar. Because if shooting happens in Bihar, local artists will get the work in the same region,” he said.

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