Beauty with Brain-Bhoomika Dash


One of the most sought-after heroines of the Odia film industry, Bhoomika needs no introduction. She has won millions of hearts in movies like ‘Tu Mo Love Story’, ‘Hero No 1’, ‘Nayakara Na Debadas’, ‘Chakhyubandhan’, ‘Mana Mora Kagaja Gudi’ and several others.

She now also made her mark in Chhattisgarh movie industry with her debut movie Zero banhi Hero which was released on June 30. Talking to Odia Celebrity, Bhoomika said that the makers contacted her for the movie after watching her Odia movies. “At first, I had no idea about the Chhattisgarh movie industry. But later I realised that this is a good role. The language was unique for me and had tried to learn the accent of the language too.”

Talking about the Chhattisgarh movie industry, she said that industry is very professional and very punctual. “All the actors and crew came to the sets on time and they take good care of the artists. The movie’s director was a female, “she said.  This is first time Bhoomika is working with female director. She that she working with in a film and understanding the character of the film if the director is a female director.

Not many fans know that the 19-year-old is a third-year student at the Institute of Dental Sciences in Bhubaneswar.
“During my Class XII, I got fascinated by Biology and after my final examination, I worked hard to get a medical seat. Even as I was working in films, my parents always asked me to focus on studies which helped me crack the entrance,” says the actress.

When asked how she manages both the fronts, Bhoomika said, “It’s pretty challenging to strike a balance. At times, it becomes really hectic and I have to work hard to manage shooting and studies. So, I often have to choose my projects accordingly so that my studies aren’t neglected.”

She also takes her study assignments to the shooting set and works on them during the breaks, admitted Bhoomika. “I find so many people around during the shoot to take care of my personal needs. But I lead a completely different life when I am at college. No star image, no privilege. Here, I am just another student of the institution and have to fend for myself. So, studying medical science is a great leveler and it keeps me grounded,” says the second runner up of KIIT Nanhipari-Little Miss India of 2015.

However, her friends always help her when she faces problems of missing any classes, adds Bhoomika. Bhoomika already had a booming acting career when she was still in school. Despite that, she opted to study medicines instead of concentrating more on acting.

Defending her decision, the actress, who is looking forward to the release of her upcoming movies ‘Chandrama’ , Kahide Thare I Love You says, “Acting is a passion for me but it’s also a proven fact that the lead heroines in the industry don’t enjoy a long life span on screen. So, it was a conscious decision to secure the future.” She will soon start shooting for a new untitled movie in August.

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