Madhuri Dixit talks about her marriage to Sriram Nene


Actress Madhuri Dixit had ruled hindi cinema in the 1980s and 90s. She found love with US based cardiologist Dr Sriram Nene. Madhuri shited to the united states post getting married to Sriram Nene. They have now been married for over 23 years and been blessed with two children, Arin Nene and Ryan Nene.

Both Madhuri and Sriram have ‘challenging’ careers, and while Madhuri has returned to acting in films, Dr Nene is practising his career in medicine. But they have a ‘partnership’ where they make sure to look after each other and also their children.

In a recent conversation on her husband’s YouTube channel, Madhuri spoke about being the wife of a physician. She said, “It’s tough because of the kind of time you guys have to keep. It’s hard because then you are the one who is looking after the kids, taking them to school, getting them back and stuff like that.

Also, the timings; you might have something important happening but you are not there, you are in the hospital looking after someone else. Sometimes I might be sick and you have to take care of someone else.”

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