Godse’s villianisation is justified: ‘Gandhi Vs Godse :Ek Yudh’ film writer


The negative portrayal of Nathuram Godse, the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, is justified, said Asgar Wajahat, whose play Godse@Gandhi.com inspired the recently launched movie Gandhi Vs Godse : Ek Yudh, by acclaimed director Rajkumar Santoshi.

Wajahat was speaking at Kalinga Literary Festival at Bhubaneswar about why the film received sharp criticism from some quarter.

The counter factual history movie imagines dialogue between Godse and Gandhi and has become a subject of controversy as some have accused the movie equating Gandhi with Godse.

Wajahat said the movie can be interpreted openly by people of various ideologies and explained that a character of imagination could be much more different in written literature and in performing art such as cinema.

“Those who are opposing it (the movie) have not seen the movie at all and have formed opinions based on hearsay. Some of the dialogues of the movie actually trashes the very belief of Godse,” said Wajahat, who also co-wrote the movie’s dialogue along with Santoshi.

In the event, mythological book titled Mahagatha by acclaimed writer Satyarth Nayak was released by Odisha Television MD Jagimangat Panda.

The second day of the three-day literary festival hosted 24 sessions on globalisation of literature, mythology, cinema and folk cultures along with 7th Kalinga Art Exhibition.

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