Humane Sagar & Wife Shriya to Live Together After Tumultuous Days


The long-standing feud between Ollywood playback singer Humane Sagar and his wife Shriya Mishra seems to have taken a rest afterall. Post second round of counselling at the Mahila PS in Cuttack, the couple agreed to put the past behind them and start afresh.

As they left the police station, Shriya declared, “we have resolved all our misunderstandings and will be living together again.” The reaction comes in the wake of her making a series of accusations against her husband, including domestic violence, extra-marital affairs, and religious conversion a few days ago. However, Shriya is now ready to reunite with her husband.


ACP Amitabh Mohapatra said the talk was productive. Over the course of the following 15 to 20 days, the couple will talk. Shriya will make a decision later and begin living with her spouse with the approval of her guardians. The couple wants to live together now that all of their conflicts have been resolved. Shriya will go back to her father’s house because she didn’t bring her possessions with her.

The ACP also informed that no formal complaint had been filed in this matter. There were only verbal accusations made, and no written complaint was submitted in this case. The couple ended their argument today after we phoned them twice. They pledged not to say anything negative about one another.

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