I was told to undergo Breast Surgery: Sameera Reddy


Actor and mother of two kids, Sameera Reddy uses social media to promote body positivity and talks openly on issues in social media which are hush hush for many on the digital scene. From showing cellulite to carrying grey hair with confidence, Sameera`s social media handle is a welcoming space in an increasing pretentious world. Talking to a leading daily, she reflected on her journey towards self-acceptance.

“I think it began when I didn`t have anybody who was guiding me though one of my major breakdowns, which happened postpartum. I remember slipping into a very bad, dark space about my body, my career, about being perceived as successful or how fast I could bounce back after motherhood and I cracked.”

Sameera Reddy made her bollywood debut opposite Sohail Khan in the 2002 film ‘Maine Dil Tujhko Diya’. Soon she was given the moniker ‘Sexy Sam’ due to her glamorous roles onscreen. But looking a certain way did not come easy. The actress revealed she would starve herself and have one idli a day and ensured she did not gain weight. She was also suggested to have corrective surgeries on her body and face. “I think there was a crazy phase about 10 years ago where everybody was getting plastic surgery, boob job, change nose or bone structure. I had to always pad my chest and was told to get a boob job done. Many times, I would think, `Should I? Is this the norm?” she opened up. Sameera is now the face of the brand Westside’s Limitless campaign that advocates body positivity and inclusivity.

As part of the campaign, Sameera will be turning podcast host and discussing various topics related to life, sex, pleasure and others which are important yet o unnoticed in the larger circles of society.

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