Filmaker Anupam Patnaik showed concern over the current Odia film industry situation



Bhubaneswar: Film maker Anupam Patnaik who’s movie Pratikshya won National Film award recently showed concern regarding recent situation occurred at the Odia movie industry.

In his X account Patnaik said “Congratulations Himanshu Khatua Babu for the selection of “The Sea and Seven Villages” in Indian Panorama of Non Feature Category and Jitendra Mishra Babu for your Film “Baghuni” being a part of co-production in the Film Bazaar! It’s a proud moment for Industry.”

He further said” I was really hoping to see an Odia Feature Film in the Indian Panorama! I had seen quite a few promising films in 2022. Very disheartening. We should be focusing on making more good quality films in a very disciplined way. We should now try to create an Odia library in the national OTTs and Theatres.”

“We are trying our best! Need all your support from my filmmaker brothers and sisters. Let’s make films silently, that can make noise when released or selected in festivals to commercial and critical acclaim. But few things that have been bothering me are the coverage of meaningless news by our so called media houses which is damaging the image of the Industry, which itself is on the brink of collapse.”

“Rather than covering “Ollywood” cold wars, banning people, controversies and statements of the Industry, please focus on the national news such as these! If you don’t know what Indian Panorama is, then please google it and educate yourselves. It’s matter of national pride.”

“And for the makers, please focus on making quality films, rather than getting into film – politics and spoiling the image of our Industry further.We need to make our mark in national level, only then our language will get importance. And these activities won’t help” he said

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