Erotic web series ‘Ayushman Mastram’ started streaming at Aao NXT



Bhubaneswar: After the success of their last few projects such as Jajabara 2.0, Dasama Aao NXT OTT platform is here with the first erotic web series Ayushman Mastram which begin streaming at the platform on Pahili Raja.

You can watch the series at the OTT platform by paying Rs 100.

The trailer was released earlier at AAO NXT YouTube channel. Sharing the trailer makers said “Get ready to experience a tale of passion, ambition, and unexpected turns in “Ayushman Mastram,” the first-ever erotic web series by AAO NXT.”

The trailer showcase that When a writer chooses a path of compromise and delves into erotic literature, the social consequences are profound. Ayushman, a writer torn between success and integrity, encounters a spiritual lady monk whose tunes of salvation contrast sharply with his provocative works. Can their love story survive the clash of their worlds?”

Witness the gripping journey of Ayushman’s tumultuous love and work life, filled with surprising twists and emotional highs and lows. Don’t miss this groundbreaking series!

The series directed by Ajay Ratha and produced by Kaustav Dreamworks and stars Biranchi Narayan,

Priya Roy, Divya, Rani Panda, KK, Dillip Chaudhury, Saroj Das, Mili and others

The streaming platform is also ready with other projects such as Dalcheeni and Maliput melodies will be released very soon.

Dasama and Jajabara 2.0 which released in cinema halls earlier had done well in boxoffice and now also doing well at streaming platform.

Dasama movie is a nostalgic trip set in school. It talks about things experienced by youngsters during school days such as friendship, first love, education system of school etc.

The movie directed by Raja aD and cast includes many new faces alongside talented actor Shailendra Samantaray, Akash Hota, Arman Mohanty, Bunty, Jyoti, Nilakshi Patra, Simran, Suman Patnaik, Sushant Das Mohapatra, Santu, Khurda Toka and Rabi Mishra.

Jajabara 2.0 is a one night travel story made with a visual style portraying toxicity & internal conflicts of minds which seeks for redemption. It shows 3 nomads Jagat who seeks redemption from his past, Satya who seeks redemption from his own self & Manini who seeks redemption from the wicked city & how all of them are interlinked.

The movie directed by Abhishek Swain and produced by Kaushik Das and Ram Patnaik and starring Devesh Ranjan, Prasanjeet Mohapatra, Sonali Sharmistha, BM Baisali, Choudhury Bikash Das, Sweta Acharya, Manas Ranjan in important roles.

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