Bollywood Actresses must ask for more Remuneration Shaakuntalam star Madhoo over pay disparity


Madhoo is a well known face down south. The actress has quite a few movies and memorable performance to her name.

While talking to an online entertainment news portal, Madhoo was asked about male dominance in the film industry.

The Shaakuntalam actress says that male dominance exists everywhere. Talking about the industry being a man’s world, Madhoo shares that she never questioned it. She says that she never thought about getting equal pay when playing the female lead in the films.

Madhoo says that she just wanted to be on screen and considered it to be a gift. She shares that when she worked in films, it was time for action films and actresses would have relatively less screen time and songs.

She thought that the movies were carried by heroes as they would fight, rescue, romance and do everything in the film. She says it was fine with her that they were getting good pay because of that.

Madhu further stated that “Actresses like Kangana, Deepika, Alia are actually pulling crowds to theatres, so they should definitely ask for higher remuneration.”

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