Anushka Sharma and hubby Virat Kohli take on the ‘dance pe chance’ challenge, cricketer limps out after hook step


Bollywood starlet Anushka Sharma got her dearest hubby and star India batter Virat Kohli to join her for a dance-off video.

Sadly for the cricketer, he had to bow out.

The couple, who made the most of their time in Bengaluru, took to popular social media photo sharing site to share a clip of the shenanigans they were up to while not on the field.

Anushka joined Virat at the gym, not to train, but to take part in the ‘dance pe chance’ challenge.

With ‘Duniya Machdi’ by Shubh playing on blast, Anushka and Virat got their groove on and tried to ace the track’s hook step.

‘Dance pe chance….. skills,’ Anushka wrote as she shared the video.

Fans of the couple filled the comments section with messages for the two saying ‘Rab ne banadi Jodi for real’.

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