Two Arrested For Planting Drugs On Sadak 2 Actress Chrisann Currently in Jailed at UAE


On April 1, Bollywood actor Chrisann Pereira was arrested in Sharjah airport, in the UAE. She is currently lodged in the Central Jail of Sharjah. The authorities arrested her for carrying a memento that had drugs hidden inside it.

However, the Mumbai Crime Branch has said that she was made a mule. Allegedly, someone framed her in revenge for a petty fight over a dog. According to reports, two people have been arrested so far for planting drugs on her. They have been identified as Rajesh Bobhate and Anthony Paul.

Bhobhate and Paul have been accused of demanding money for the release of Pereira from the UAE jail.

Since the two of them reside in the same building. Sadak 2 actor’s mother and Paul have also been into a fight. The police said that it was the reason why Pereira was made into a drug mule which ultimately led to her arrest.

Bobhate, on the other hand, claims to be a talent scout. He introduced the actor and Paul. He was also the person who informed Pereira about an audition in Sharjah for a web series.

The police have also found that the offenders requested Pereira to carry a trophy in which they have planted drugs. They told the actor that it was a souvenir, which she would be able to use as a prop during the audition. The accused will stay in the custody of the police until May 2, 2023.

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