Bheed Trailer Received Backlash; Removed From YouTube!


The trailer for Anubhav Sinha’s upcoming film Bheed has suspiciously disappeared from YouTube just days after its release. Many viewers on Thursdaynoticed that the trailer wasn’t available on YouTube, and some noted that the link had been made private after getting millions of views on the social media video sharing platform. Apparently, this comes after the trailer received backlash for the film’s seemingly negative portrayal of the lockdown.

A Twitter handle of Benaras Media said that the video appears to have been removed. “The official trailer of ‘Bheed’ appears private on Youtube following the backlash. The film is about the mismanagement of the Covid lockdown and the plight of poor migrant workers who have been forced to return home on foot,” one tweet said. The video was made private, but the creators aren’t sure what the motive behind the move is.

Interestingly, the trailer was praised by many for its realistic and somber portrayal of this harrowing time. However, others had criticized it as “agenda-driven” and “unnecessarily negative and anti-establishment”. Many fans of the filmmaker tie the fact that the video is private to the backlash the film and trailer have received. “A trailer has to remain private because of trolls. Is this democracy? wrote one. Many others asked the creators to make the trailer public again.

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