Hrithik Roshan is ‘like a chameleon’ who adapts quickly, Siddharth Anand


After the grand success of Pathaan, filmmaker Siddharth Anand is deeply engrossed in his next action thriller, Fighter. Headed by Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone in lead roles, the movie has been creating a lot of buzz ever since it was announced.

Recently, in an interview, Siddharth opened up on Hrithik’s character in the action flick. He said, “This is my third film with Hrithik Roshan, and each of my characters has been entirely different. Rajveer (from Bang Bang!) and Kabir (from War) are two different people and their personalities are completely opposite. Patty, the character that he is playing in Fighter, has made it his own.”

He further adds that Hrithik has an inherent ability to quickly adapt, that makes him give his all to the role. “And Hrithik is like a chameleon. He just adapts and becomes that character for that whole year. He brings a certain genuineness to the role, that can last throughout a franchise. So, it is not just made up for that moment, he totally becomes that person.”, shares Siddharth.

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