4th Indian Documentary Film Festival Kicks Off with a Stellar Lineup of Non-Fiction Films



Bhubaneswar: The highly anticipated 4th Indian Documentary Film Festival, organized by the Film Society of Bhubaneswar, has officially begun Friday, and it promises to be a celebration of contemporary Indian non-fiction cinema like never before.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Odissi Research Centre at Xavier Square, Bhubaneswar, this year’s festival brings together a compelling selection of films that delve into the complexities of present-day India while also reflecting on its historical conflict points, all in the context of pressing issues such as inequality, caste, class, gender, and ecology.

With a total of 25 thought-provoking films on the program, the first day of the festival kicked off with the opening screening of ‘Joshy Joseph’s “With Quietude… to Nirad,” a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Odia filmmaker Nirad Mohapatra. The audience was captivated from the very beginning, setting the tone for an incredible cinematic journey.

Day one of the festival featured an eclectic mix of films that left an indelible mark on the audience. Some of the coveted titles screened included Prateek Shekhar’s “Chardi Kala: An Ode to Resilience,” a documentary that chronicles the historic Farmer’s Protest under the organized umbrella of ‘SKM: Samyukt Kisan Morcha.’ The film provides a poignant and gripping portrayal of resilience in the face of adversity.

Another highlight of the day was Lipika Singh Darai’s personal non-fiction short, ‘Night and Fear,’ which had its Indian Premiere at the festival after receiving international acclaim at the prestigious International Film Festival of Rotterdam. The film offers an intimate exploration of emotions and fears, drawing the audience into a deeply personal narrative.

The festival also welcomed Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Shaunak Sen, who presented his debut feature-length documentary, ‘Cities of Sleep.’ This gripping film delves into the crisis of homelessness and the economy of sleep in the bustling metropolis of Delhi, shedding light on an often-overlooked aspect of urban life.
One of the unique aspects of this year’s festival is the presence of 13 filmmakers among the 25 films being showcased.

Attendees have the opportunity to engage in extensive post-film discussions and workshops with these talented filmmakers, offering a deeper understanding of the creative process and the stories behind the lens.

Subrat Beura, the Festival Director, expressed the significance of non-fiction cinema and its distribution and exhibition possibilities in today’s world. He emphasized the festival’s commitment to providing a platform for documentary filmmakers to share their powerful narratives and foster meaningful dialogue on crucial issues facing our society.

The 4th Indian Documentary Film Festival promises to be a remarkable journey through the lens of Indian filmmakers, offering unique perspectives on our world, our history, and our shared future. Film enthusiasts, students, and cinema aficionados are invited to join us at the Odissi Research Centre, Xavier Square, Bhubaneswar, and be a part of this cultural extravaganza.

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