Watch the entertaining show ‘Sandhya Ragini’ at Zee Sarthak


Bhubaneswar: Zee Sarthak entertainment channel recently launched Three brand new shows will be launched.

Sandhya Ragini, Tu Mo Saathire and Shakti were launched for the audience in October.

One of the show Sandhya Ragini which started telecast on October 2 tells the story of two sisters Yashoda and Devaki from a small village in Odisha who fell apart from each other. Both the sisters have became mothers of daughter each named Sandhya and Ragini.

Ragini studied in London and is very modern girl while Sandhya is very traditional and passionate to play for Indian women Hockey team

Jasoda takes in her niece Ragini after her estranged sister Debaki dies. But Ragini struggles with the rigid traditions of Jasoda’s house. Will both worlds collide, or will the family ties prevail?

Will the two daughters be able to mend the relationship between two estranged sisters. In this show Hitesha, Priyanka, Nitu, Dipti Rekha, Jyoti and Krishna are playing important role.

To know more about the show watch it at Zee Sarthak Monday to Saturday at 6:30pm

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