Uorfi Javed says men have no right to get offended with her


Popular DIY influencer and social media sensation Uorfi Javed in a recent interview has said it’s unfair that women are blamed for everything that men get away with.

Popular for creating unique DIY outfits and sartorial dressing style, said she is very clear in her head: She wants to exploit her own sexualisation for the sake of money.

Uorfi opened up about the remarks that come her way and said it is bizarre that men first sexualise women and then have a problem if women own that.

“I don’t think men have any right to say on this. You have not suffered what I have, not seen what I have seen. If I feel comfortable presenting my body and art in a certain way, then why are you getting so offended. I just don’t understand. You have sexualised female body and you have a problem with that too. In item songs in films, they have certain types of lyrics and choreography, but no one blames the director, producer that what have you made the girl do.

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