Trying to give audience something different and unique with RAM: Aarindam



Actor and Producer Aarindam Roy, who has an illustrious two-decade film career, has done numerous super hit movies such as Ishq Tu Hi Tu, Kalki, Parshuram, Raja Jhia Sathe Heigala Bhaba, Babu Bhaijaan and others. He is now ready for his comeback with a movie named RAM. This flick will be released in Odia and Bengali languages this Dusshera.

Talking to Odia Celebrity, Aarindam, who is also the producer of the movie, said, “The teaser of the movie received an overwhelming response. Some even compared it with any big-budget South Indian movie. This is a positive thing, according to me. It is because south movies are the standard in the present era, and I hope that this movie will entertain the audience this Dusshera.”

Talking about his comeback after more than two years, Aarindam said, “It feels good to be back, although I was not on break for a long time. My last film Babu Bhaijaan, was released in 2020. During that time, covid came into the picture, increasing the break, but I am happy that my fans noticed my absence and wanted me to return soon.”

He said, “This movie is an attempt to give the audience something different and set an example that the Odia industry is growing stronger. We also have plans to release in Hindi later.”

Talking about working with Ashok Pati, Aarindam said, “Our first movie together, titled Mu Tate Love Karuchi, in 2007. It was a big hit for us. We were excited to come together after a long time for this movie.”

About managing the workload of being an actor and producer, Aarindam said, “It’s tough to handle both this, but I must thank my brother and friend Mantu Rout and my production team for helping me very much, and they took a lot of burden of production and helped me to focus on acting.”

With Rahul Dev from RAM shooting set

In the movie, Bollywood actor Rahul Dev plays the main antagonist Aarindam said, “We are lucky to have Rahul in the movie. When I talked to him and asked him to be a part of the movie, he immediately agreed to be part of it and didn’t even read the script,” said Aarindam.

“For me, it’s a great experience to work with Rahul and his addition added great value to the movie. I hope that his involvement in the Odia movie will motivate other big stars of Hindi and even south industry to join our industry”.

With co-star Rupsha

About her co-star Rupsha Mukhopadhyay, Aarindam said she had been a wonderful person and had supported him greatly during the movie making. “She stood by me like a rock and didn’t throw any tantrums and I am so thankful to her for being part of the movie.”

Aarindam and Anubhav together

In the movie, the audience will watch Aarindam and Anubhav Mohanty together in the song “Pungi,” in which Aarindam said, “Anubhav is like my brother and is like a family to me. He was part of the song only because of his love for me. He always encouraged me and supported me and I am thankful to him for being there for me.”

Aarindam has been in the industry for more than two decades and wants to do more experiments with his role and to entertain the audience.

About his upcoming project, he said, “I am starting work in a new movie in December, which will be based on social issues.

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