Post-marriage with Parineeti Chopra, MP Raghav falls in trouble

Days after the marriage, Delhi court Friday declined relief to MP in the case related to the cancellation of his type. 7 official bungalow.


It looks like post marriage with actress Parineeti Chopra, life of MP Raghav Chadha is not going smooth. As days after the marriage, Delhi court Friday declined relief to MP in the case related to the cancellation of his type. 7 official bungalow.

In the case between AAP MP Raghav Chadha and the Rajya Sabha Secretariat over the allotment of a government bungalow to him, a Delhi court said the MP cannot claim that he has an absolute right to continue to occupying the accommodation during his tenure.

The MP’s allotment to a Type-VII bungalow in Delhi’s Pandara Road was cancelled by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat in March. He was told that the allotment had been cancelled as Type-VII was higher than his entitlement as a first time MP and he was allotted another flat.

Raghav Chadha was allotted a Type-VI bungalow in July 2022. In August 2022, he approached the Rajya Sabha Chairman for the allotment of Type-VII accommodation. He was then allotted a Type-VII accommodation bungalow at Pandara Road in Delhi.

MP Raghav said “The court has now returned my case on a legal technicality, which I am legally advised to state is based on an incorrect understanding of the law. I will be taking appropriate action in law in due course,” he said, questioning the RS Secretariat move to evict him.

The Secretariat had cancelled the bungalow earlier, saying a first-time MP was not eligible for a type 7 accommodation.

Chadha said the manner of the entire exercise left him with no option but to believe that the action was “politically motivated to stifle the political criticism raised by the vocal parliamentarians like him.”

The MP said the allotment of the accommodation was done by Chairman of Rajya Sabha himself after taking into consideration all the factors.

“However, cancellation of the accommodation subsequently without any cause or reason signals that the entire suo moto exercise was undertaken to wrongfully target and victimise me. This along with my suspension as a Member of Parliament, which was initiated by the treasury benches, leaves no doubt that the BJP is leaving no stone unturned to target vocal MPs. This amounts to unwarranted interference in the due discharge of their functions as the Representatives of the House and hits a rock bottom of vendetta politics,” said Chadha.

The MP said many of his neighbours were first-time MPs who have been allotted the exact same accommodation above their entitlement, like Sudhanshu Trivedi, Danish Ali, Rakesh Sinha and Rupa Ganguly who was the previous occupant of the accommodation that has been allotted to me.

Actor Parineeti Chopra and political leader Raghav Chadha tied the knot on September 24 in a grand destination wedding in Udaipur at the Leela Palace. Their wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale saga. Ever since the wedding of Ragneeti, several wedding pictures and videos have been ruling the internet. While fans couldn’t get over the adorable couple, new unseen pictures have been dropped on social media, sending the internet once again into a state of frenzy.

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