Triptii Dimri reacts to controversies


Mumbai: Following its theatrical release on December 1, Animal has created quite a stir amongst the fans.

While several hailed the performances of all the actors in the movie, the movie seems to act as Triptii Dimri’s breakthrough acting during her career span.

Notably, while many have rejoiced in the storyline of Animal, a section of movie-watchers termed the film as ‘misogynistic’ due to certain scenes in it, including that of Ranbir Kapoor’s character asking Dimri’s character to lick his shoe, igniting controversies.

Recently, Triptii shared her views on people’s perceptions on the movie and shared that while it’s justifiable for everyone to have opinions, if Animal doesn’t suit one’s taste, they should abstain from watching it.

Addressing the controversies, Triptii said, “It depends on person to person. If you’re watching an action film, and the goons are beating up the hero, that doesn’t mean you go and beat up whoever you hate in life. Or, if someone is talking rudely to his wife or girlfriend, that doesn’t give you the license to go home and start talking the same way to your wife, or girlfriend, or whoever.”

She also added that ‘it’s a long discussion’ over the mixed views of Animal and said that there is a certain section of audience that does get affected due to the content and are entitled to have an opinion as it’s their choice.

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