Tribal Fusion Music Video Album Launch Featuring Eminent Singer Susmita Das.

The 1st ever Tribal Fusion Music Video Album of Odisha was launched at KIIT Auditorium. The album features 8 songs based on representing different tribes of Odisha in the voice of Singer Susmita Das. The music album was launched by Saswati Bal, Chairperson of the KIIT and KISS group, Dr Arabinda Kumar Padhee, was the Chief Guest on the occasion and Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Hon’ble Member of Parliament presided over the function.
The launch event was a grand affair. In this bouquet of 8 songs they have tried to experiment with various social and cultural practices of 8 tribal communities of Odisha (Bhumij, Kandha, Santhal, Durua, Ho, Gadaba, Bathudi and Khadia). The composition is inspired by music of that tribe for the respective occasion. The lyrics in Odia have attempted to capture the theme of the occasion. Gurujee Swetachandan and Sanjay Kanungo had painstakingly visited several tribal villages to understand the themes for each song.  Based on these themes Sachi Mohanty and Sangram Mohanty have written the lyrics and the late Saroj Pattnaik, Bibhuti Bhusan Gadanayak, Abhijeet Mishra, and Biswajit Mahapatra have tried to capture the folk tunes in their composition.  Children from 3 tribal communities studying in KISS danced live on stage to the tune of 3 songs.
Sanjay Kanungo said: The songs depict simplicity of tribal way of life, philosophy and practices in Odisha. While none of the songs are direct translations of the original lyrics of the communities, they have been faithfully adapted to reflect their essence.  We have gone to several villages to understand the backdrop for their songs and dance.  Tribal song scenery of Odisha is suffering from change in people’s tastes and behavior. The current generation with modern gadgets at hand perhaps lacks interest to keep their ancient tradition of songs and dance alive. This is a small but meaningful image effort that aim to keep some of the tribal songs alive for future generation
Susmita Das Said: “With the advent TV, Mobile Phones and other modern mediums of entertainment, the age-old forms of songs, dance and art are continuously dying. Before they become extinct, it is our moral duty to preserve them. Tribal songs form a part of our identity and need to be saved and remembered.  We don’t claim that these are authentic tribal songs, these are songs in Odia which have tried to capture the revelry of tribal communities.  Composition by the music directors has been inspired by the folk tunes.  I would particularly like to make a mention about our legendary composer Late Saroj Patnaik.  This song is his last composition and he taught me the song over telephone when he was actually bedridden.
The launch of Odisha’s first Tribal Fusion Music Video Album is a celebration of the state’s rich folk music heritage and cultural traditions. It serves as a testament to the soulful and vibrant music of Odisha, and the role it plays in shaping the identity and roots of the people of the state.
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