Trailer of Trikanya To Release on Feb 20


Bhubaneswar: The trailer of New Odia movie Trikanya directed by Renowned national award-winning director, Anupam Patnaik, will be released on Feb 20.

Informing about trailer Anupam said” Finally, what all of you were waiting for! The much awaited trailer of TriKanya will be releasing on 20th February! Mark your calendars”

Earlier, the director has announced the release date of the movie “TriKanya,” slated for release on Women’s day.

Informing about release date director Anupam said” From the makers of Gangs of Puri and National Award winning film Pratikshya. ‘Trikanya’ will be releasing across theaters on Women’s Day – 8th March, 2024. Block your dates for this sweeping anthology of Love, Lust, and Sacrifice.”

The film features a stellar cast, including Barsha Patnaik, Manoj Mishra, Aman, Sradha Panigrahi, Partha Sarathi Ray, Nishanth Majithia, Sukant Rath, Nivy, and Sijan Mohapatra.

“TriKanya” delves into the lives of three women hailing from diverse social backgrounds and landscapes, each grappling with their unique challenges and triumphs.

The movie songs including Kandhei Sajiki Asilu, Mo Chhatira Kokei Re and To Akhira Luha released recently which creates huge popularity.

Anupam Patnaik last movie Pratikshya won national film award for best odia film.

Recently, Makers of new Odia movie Trikanya, which will release on Women’s day, ask fans to share promotion ideas for the movie.

In a social media message the makers said:” Hey Everyone! Guess what? Our much-awaited film, “3Kanya,” is hitting the theatres on March 8th, 2024 Yes! Women’s Day! Now, here’s the scoop: We don’t have enough flashy posters in our social media updated regularly nor we have support media channels for promotions.”

They added “Let’s face some facts, they have better news to cover, and we don’t have time and unlimited money flowing for unecessary promotions. We’re keeping it real, spreading the word like friends and family do! We want our film to reach out to maximum Odia folks all across the country, not just our film community!”

“Remember our bonding over Tulasi Apa, Pratikshya, Gangs of Puri and all the other gems? Well, we’re cooking up something special again. Let’s turn “3Kanya” into OUR film, OUR pride a true reflection of Odisha’s spirit! We here at Amiya Patnaik Productions and TechnoArt are grinding hard to make some difference! And we believe we are in the right track!”

Share your promotion ideas we want to hear each voice. Are you in??! The countdown is about to start and we are counting on you, they added.

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