The first song of the new Odia movie Trikanya is to release on Sunday



Bhubaneswar: The first Song of the new Odiia movie Trikanya titled ‘To Akhira Luha’ starring Partha Sarthi Ray and Sradha Panigrahi will be release this Sunday. The song promo was released Thursday.

The Lyric of the song were written by Stitha Patnaik and sing by singer Sanchita and Abhinash Dash. The movie is directed by renowned national award-winning director, Anupam Patnaik.

He recently announced the title of the movie “Tri-Kanya,” slated for release on January 24. The film features a stellar cast, including Barsha Patnaik, Manoj Mishra, Aman, Sradha Panigrahi, Partha Sarathi Nishanth Majithia, Sukant Rath, Nivy, and Sijan Mohapatra. “Tri-Kanya” delves into the lives of three women hailing from diverse social backgrounds and landscapes, each grappling with their unique challenges and triumphs.

The Odia film industry has recently been marred by internal disputes and divisions, hindering its growth and impact. Anupam Patnaik hopes that “Tri-Kanya” will act as a catalyst to bridge these divides and bring the industry together, uniting under the banner of Odisha and the broader Indian film landscape. His previous project, “Pratikshya,” which received the National Award for Best Odia Film, underlines his commitment to socially relevant cinema. By emphasizing content quality and inclusivity, Patnaik aims to rejuvenate the Odia audience’s interest in theaters and revolutionize the Odia film industry for years to come. The film is expected to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing industry tussle, offering hope for a more united future.

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