Tamannah opens up about toxic mentality in the south industry



Actress Tamannaah Bhatia who is known for her work in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films, recently in an interview opened up about south films where toxic masculinity is celebrated.

Tamannaah said, “In the south, certain formulas are used because they are easy. In certain commercial films, I couldn’t relate to my characters and would request that the filmmaker lower the intensity. Having said that, I came to a point where I stopped doing those parts. I started making a conscious effort not to be part of such films where toxic masculinity is celebrated to the point where it is almost intolerable.”
The Baahubali actress said, “The films I made here (Bollywood) didn’t work because it was their destiny. I never took it as a personal failure because a movie is made with a lot of people contributing to it. That way, I am a bit detached from both my successes and failures. I don’t take either seriously. I am alive. I am here. That’s how I look at it. After 17 years, I still wake up every day wanting to do it over and over again. Acting is my passion. I wake up to face the camera. It excites me the most.”

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