Shahid Kapoor feels ‘Jab We Met Happens Once in 2 Decades’


It’s been over 15 years since the Shahid Kareena romance ‘Jab We Met’ was released but fans still can’t get enough of the love story between Geet and Aditya. Shahid who was the male lead in the Imtiaz Ali film, shared that a film like that can only be made once in two decades.

Earlier this month, the Hindi film was re-released in theatres for Valentine’s Day and fans were seen dancing in the cinema halls. The actor was also seen joining fans at a Mumbai movie theatre when the dance song Mauja Mauja played as the film ended. Excited fans took videos and selfies with Shahid. He later put a video on Instagram of himself interacting with the moviegoers. He captioned the post: “Jab We Met 16 years later.”

The actor shared that he had been speaking with Imtiaz about working on another romantic film. He said, “We re-released Jab We Met recently and a lot of people are now asking me why am I not doing a film like this again. I feel, Jab We Met happens once in two decades and it’s not like an everyday film. Most of the film one does in this genre are bad, so one needs to pick up a decent script. In fact, Imtiaz, the director) and I were also chatting to find something in this space again. I want to do something fun and exciting,” quipped Shahid.

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