Odisha-based OTT platform Kanccha Lannka To Release Films Alongwith Cinema Halls


Breaking boundaries and setting new standards, in a first of its kind in Odisha, Kanccha Lannka presented its groundbreaking TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand) service’ Kanccha Lannka Cinema Hall’.  

The Film Makers of Odisha can release their Movies at “Kanccha Lannka Cinema Hall” in addition to the walk-in theaters. Viewers from Odisha and across the country and abroad can book their shows on Kanccha Lannka and watch them. The revenue earned from this (net of Taxes, gateway charges and Play Store Charges) will be shared 50:50 between Kanccha Lannka and the Film Producer. With a completely automated process, all transactions will be done in a transparent manner, and the Producers will receive their payments within three working days.  

“We are delighted to announce “Kanccha Lannka Cinema Hall” which will enable the Odia Film Producers to create access to their Films to viewers across Odisha and all over the country and abroad. This will empower the Filmmakers to earn more money directly from the Viewers.” said Akshay Kumar Parija, Co Founder and Chairman of Kanccha Lannka.

“The limitations of traditional distribution models and the scarcity of theaters leading to lack of viewership for Odia films can be solved through this innovative technical solution,” Parija further added.  

Kanccha Lannka invited Producers to join this Digital Revolution and unlock a world of possibilities. With viewers across the globe and a favorable income-sharing model, it’s a chance to maximize the visibility of Content and earning.  

Kanccha Lannka Cinema Hall will be available on its Website, Mobile Apps (both Android & iOS), Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV and many other platforms in India and 16 other countries. Kanccha Lannka will also provide marketing support to the Films by way of In-App notifications (to around 10 L App Instals), YouTube Posts (around 1 L Subscribers), Facebook posts (around 50k Followers), Twitter, Instagram and all other digital mediums. It is expected that the Filmmakers will also do their bit by way of promotions so that more and more consumers get to know about this solution. 

 Kanccha Lannka authorities have discussed this business model with many Film Producers of Odisha to avail of this service at the time of release and are happy to inform that many Filmmakers have agreed to release their movies at Kanccha Lannka Cinema Hall.  

The first Odia movie, which is releasing at Kanccha Lannka Cinema Hall, recently released much talked about the Odia film “T”. Produced and directed by Jitesh Kumar Parida, “T” encapsulates the life struggle of Transgenders. The pain and struggle behind the life of a Transgender are nicely articulated in this movie. The story is based on the life of Meghna Sahoo, the first Transgender Cab Driver in India. Meghna (from Odisha) had gone thru a series of struggles before she got settled in life. Her story represents the life of most Transgenders who are harassed by society at large.  

“We are delighted to announce that “T” will be the first Odia Film to be released on Kanccha Lannka Cinema Hall with effect from today, and immediately after that, another path-breaking movie, “Delivery Boy” will be released. 

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