Actress Bhoomika, Poonam join Raja celebration at Nexus Esplanade 


Nexus Esplanade gave a unique opportunity to the women in the state to celebrate the much-awaited Raja festival. Raja Rani is a property created by the mall management to give a platform to women and empower them.

As Raja is a celebration of womanhood, Nexus Esplanade wanted to make the event grand for each woman participating in the event. Participants in the age group starting from 7- 50 years were there. The management provided a platform to give wings to women to fulfill their many unfulfilled dreams during the show.

Bhoomika Dash(Ollywood Actress), Poonam Mishra (Ollywood Actress), Ramuli Pattanaik (Fashion Designer), Parth Pratim Nayak(Centre Director, Nexus Esplanade) were among the grand jury along with Sanzz Suvasmita(Super Model) and Sonali Mishra (Makeup Artist) to evaluate the participants. 

The pageant was truly one to witness with the amount of talent each participant held. While speaking to Parth Pratim Nayak said, “We want to be the reason people want to dream and also turn them into reality,”. He was very happy that with the initiative, many housewives received a platform to fulfill their dreams.’ 

Nexus Esplanade has always celebrated the community festival with great pride, and this Raja, was nothing less. The decoration along with the biggest swing for customer celebration, was a few of the elements. Not only that, the three-day Raja celebration has free pan stall, mehendi stall and pitha stall for customers. A mall is truly an example of a kind.

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