Netflix’ plan backfires, users start cancelling subscriptions


Netflix’s attempt to stop password-sharing among its users seems to have backfired as the number of people searching for “cancel Netflix account” has reportedly surged by 2,939 per cent.

The streaming giant introduced new rules this week in 103 countries including the US and UK. Users who were using someone else’s account now need to pay for their own logins. This follows Netflix’s recent enforcement of its password-sharing policy.

Moreover, users who want to share an account with people outside their household will have to pay an extra fee of £4.99/month ($8/month in the US) for ‘paid sharing’.

Netflix’s decision angered many of its existing users. They expressed their frustration on Twitter and other social media platforms. Many said that they would cancel their Netflix subscriptions rather than follow its new policy.

The streaming service said it started notifying its members on Tuesday about its new sharing policy, which limits the accounts to be used only within a single household.

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