Much Awaited Odia Film “T” on Transgender finally gets “UA” certificate with Minimal Cuts


The Indian film industry is no stranger to controversy when it comes to censorship. After a long wait, the film has finally bagged UA certification from the Censor Board with minimal cuts, paving the way for its much-awaited release. The filmmakers have not yet announced the release date, but it is expected to hit the screens this May 2023.

In a heartening development for the Odia film industry, the upcoming film T has finally received a UA certificate from the Censor Board. Directed by Jitesh Kumar Parida, the film is based on the real-life struggles and triumphs of Meghna Sahoo, India’s first transgender cab driver.

The film delves deep into the challenges faced by transgender individuals in our society, and how Meghna overcame all obstacles to emerge as a shining example of courage and determination. The story of T is not just about one person, but about an entire community that has been marginalized for far too long.

Speaking about the film, Jitesh Kumar Parida said, “T is a very special film for us, and we are thrilled that it has received the UA certificate from the Censor Board. We have worked very hard to bring the real-life transgender story to the big screen, and we hope that the film will help create greater awareness about the challenges faced by the transgender community.

He further added, “Through this film, we want to highlight the importance of inclusivity and diversity in our society. We believe that T has the power to inspire people and bring about positive change, and we are eagerly looking forward to its release.”

“T” has garnered widespread attention for its unique theme, the public is eager to see the film and witness the powerful performances by the cast. Real overwhelming responses came from audiences across globe in various film festivals. The film, which has won several international awards across the globe, is expected to make a significant impact on the Indian film industry. With its powerful message and outstanding performances, T promises to be a must-watch film for everyone who believes in equality and social justice.

This film will surely an eye opener for the society said director Jitesh Kumar parida, where people will start respecting the transgender community and give them equality in the mainstream.

The film, which stars Debasish Sahu(Dev), Usashi Misra, Hara Rath, Ranbeeir Kalsi, and Prasanjit Mohapatra, has been produced by Jitesh Kumar Films & RR Motion Pictures (UK) Ltd and co-produced by Vighnaharta Movies ,Mohit Kumar Puri & Himadri Tanaya Das, with Thamrita Mohan Sambhuti, Soma Kiran Jena, and Rajashree Mohapatra serving as associate producers. Pranay jethy the media planner.

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