Filmmaker Sachin Gupta to launch Himanshu & Abhishek in Bollywood



Mumbai: Renowned filmmaker/writer Sachin Gupta, a recipient of the prestigious Natya Bhushan Award, is set to make waves in Bollywood as he introduces two promising newcomers, Himanshu Goel and Abhishek Chavan.

Sachin, with his extensive background in filmmaking, having studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, has previously made a mark with his collaboration alongside legendary actor Dharmendra.

Their recent project garnered immense popularity, further solidifying Sachin’s status as a visionary in the world of cinema. Having directed three successful films and showcased his talent in three off-Broadway shows in New York, Sachin is now ready to take the Bollywood stage with his forthcoming production.

Himanshu and Abhishek, who recently featured in a music video directed by Sachin, are rapidly gaining recognition in the music industry. “I’m thrilled by the recent success of Bollywood films, which have rekindled the audience’s interest in theaters. I hope this momentum continues with the festive seasons ahead,” states Sachin..

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