Diwali is a festival that I look forward to every year: Charrul


Mumbai: Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai actress Charrul Malik says that Diwali is one of her favourite festivals. She adds that she focuses on being with her family on this day.

“Diwali is a festival that I look forward to every year. Among all the festivals, Diwali is my favourite because it’s all about lights, brightness, positivity, and spreading positive vibes. This Diwali, I don’t have any big plans; I’ll be staying at home as usual. My father has come from the US, so I plan to spend quality time with him and my entire family. We will decorate our home with lots of diyas, lights, and do some shopping. Nowadays, celebrating a festival with family itself feels like a grand celebration. So, that’s my Diwali plan for this year,” she says.

She adds, “Many people talk about celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali, but it’s true that some still choose to burst firecrackers. It’s puzzling why they waste their time, energy, money, and contribute to pollution, both noise and air pollution. I’m especially concerned about the impact on pet dogs and stray dogs who have a tough time during the fireworks. It’s indeed a nightmare for them. I don’t understand why people do this when they could use their resources to donate to those in need or help the less fortunate. Even if nothing else, they could save that money, enjoy good food, and invest in healthier things. I can’t relate to such choices either.”

Talking about her Diwali shopping, she says, “I love to shop for shoes and clothes, especially during sales with big discounts, like 50% or 60% off. I usually stick to the stores that have these discount signs, and I don’t bother checking out other shops. For the rest of my Diwali shopping, we often invest in some new furniture or take care of pending purchases that we’ve been meaning to make. People tend to make such purchases during Diwali because it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the occasion and get things we’ve been planning to buy.”
Good and yummy food is a must on Diwali, says Charrul, adding, “I have a sweet tooth, and I absolutely love indulging in treats like gulab jamun, kaju katli, besan ka ladoo, and milk cake during festivals. However, I do enjoy them in moderation. I believe in savouring these sweets during festivals because life is too short to miss out on them completely. It’s all about finding a balance and not depriving yourself of the pleasures of festive treats.”

Talking about Dhanteras, she says, “This Dhanteras, I plan to treat myself to a pair of small solitaire earrings. Additionally, I’ve made up my mind to replace plastic with steel and copper-based kitchenware. I want to completely eliminate plastic from my home and shift to more eco-friendly options, particularly utensils made of steel and traditional clay pots. This is what I wish to do this Dhanteras and Diwali.”

Charrul is still to select her Diwali outfit. “To be honest, I haven’t thought much about my Diwali outfit. If a designer outfit comes my way, I’ll wear it and give them a shoutout by tagging them. I’ve noticed several brands following me, and a few of them have been sending ethnic wear, so I’ll decide based on what I receive. But one thing’s for sure, I’ll wear something stylish, perhaps with a touch of bling, something new, and, most importantly, something that suits me well”

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