Delay in censoring of Odia Movie ‘T’ causing quite a stir


When it comes to censorship, the Indian film industry has always been touchy. Now, the delay in the censoring of the highly anticipated film “T” is causing quite a stir.

The film, directed by Jitesh Kumar Parida, is a life story of India’s first transgender cabbie, Meghna Sahoo, and aims to shed light on the struggles faced by the transgender community. Despite being ready for release, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is delaying the censoring of “T,” which has left the team behind the project perplexed,

The film, which stars Debasish Sahu (Dev), Usashi Misra, Hara Rath, Ranbeir Kalsi, and Prasanjit Mohapatra, has been produced by Jitesh Kumar Films & RR Motion Pictures (UK) Ltd and co-produced by Vighnaharta Movies, Mohit Kumar Puri & Himadri Tanaya Das, with Thamrita Mohan Sambhuti, Soma Kiran Jena, and Rajashree Mohapatra serving as associate producers and Pranay Jethy as creative head.

Jitesh Kumar Parida, the director of the film, expressed his disappointment and frustration, stating, “We are proud of the film we have created and the message it carries. However, the delay in censoring the film is causing unnecessary distress to everyone involved.” The film has already been appreciated by the transgender community.

“T” has garnered widespread attention for its unique theme, and the delay in release is a setback for the film industry and a hindrance to free expression. The public is eager to see the film and witness the powerful performances by the cast Real overwhelming responses came from audiences across globe in various film festivals. The movie has won almost more than 10 awards for best LGBTQ film across the globe.

The film industry in India is no stranger to censorship, with many films facing significant obstacles and cuts before they can be released. However, the delay in censoring “T” is an example of how the censorship process can be detrimental to the film industry’s growth and cultural expression.

The actors of the film, Debasish Sahu & Ranbeeir Kalsi added, “The CBFC must provide an explanation for the delay and expedite the censoring process so that “T” can be released and reach a wider audience. The world needs to see stories like “T” and learn about the struggles faced by the transgender community. It is essential to allow films like this to be released without delay or censorship to promote cultural expression and progress.”

This film will surely an eye opener for the society said director Jitesh Kumar parida, where people will start respecting the transgender community and give them equality in the mainstream.

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