Deepika Padukone not keen in shifting base


Mumbai: Deepika Padukone’s global recognition received a substantial boost with her Hollywood debut in the action film xXx: Return of Xander Cage in 2017.

However, unlike Priyanka Chopra, Deepika is really not interested in shifting bases.
Speaking with Vogue, Deepika made it clear that India is her home and she does not need to move with bag and baggage to have global impact.

She then recalled her early days in modelling career where she had an offer to move overseas and all of the fashion gurus in India said, “You shouldn’t be here, you should be in Paris, New York or Milan,’ and I was like, ‘No, those places are not my home. India is home’.”

Reflecting on her early phases of her career and journey till now, Deepika said that it’s an uphill task for any individual trying to make a mark in a field or profession that their parents don’t come from.

She mentioned that there was no other option when she was an outsider 15-20 years ago.

Talking about dealing with many things not just professionally but also personally, Deepika said that she would finish late at night, exhausted, then carry her suitcase across town in a cab and sometimes fall asleep on the drive back home. “Today when I look back at that journey, I think, ‘Not bad, girl! You did this and you did it on your own,” added the Om Shanti Om actress.

Deepika’s journey from Bollywood to Hollywood, coupled with her international accolades and contributions to social causes, has cemented her status as a global icon. Her influence extends beyond the entertainment industry, encompassing fashion, mental health advocacy, and philanthropy.

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