DAHAAN- A Spine-Chilling Horror Film Redefining Odisha’s Cinema


Bhubaneswar: Brace yourselves for the most spine-chilling cinematic experience of the year as creators of the smash hits “Pratikshya” and “Gangs of Puri,” has announced the upcoming horror film “Dahaan.”

This thrilling masterpiece is set to redefine the horror genre in Odisha. Soon to be in theatres in October.

Directed by Anupam Patnaik, a major fan of the horror genre, “Dahaan” will take audiences on a terrifying journey into the depths of fear and complex entangled family relations.

Having mesmerized audiences with his debut directorial “Pratikshya,” a blockbuster hit that struck a chord with viewers, Anupam Patnaik is now setting his sights on elevating the horror genre to new heights with “Dahaan.”

The talented Music Composer, Ashish Pradhan, and his young, energetic team have skillfully created a haunting atmospheric soundscape that is bound to grip the audience.

Complemented by the film’s exquisite sound design, expertly crafted by Shakti Swaroop Dwibedy, and flawless sync sound by Tukna Chandra Sekhar Sharma, the movie resonates with an essential sense of dread, affirming that Horror is nothing without Sound!

Rashmi Ranjan Dash is the editor of the film who had previously edited projects like Gangs of Puri, Falguna Chaitra, and most recently “T”. The movie boasts an incredible cast, including Barsha Patnaik and talented debutants Aurosikha Mishra, Sijan Mahapatra, and Nishant Majithia, along with prominent faces like Partha Sarathi Ray and Choudhury Jay Prakash das, Pranab Rath.

The cinematography of “Dahaan,” skillfully helmed by Deepak Kumar, will be nothing short of breathtaking.

The stunning visuals promise to elevate the horror experience to new heights, adding a mesmerizing layer of depth to the film.

As we gear up to present “Dahaan” to the world, we promise a cinematic experience like never before – a roller-coaster of emotions, spine-tingling thrills, and a story that will linger in your minds long after the credits roll.

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