Capital City Bhubaneswar Witnesses Musical Play Devdas


Art & Theatre fans in capital city of Bhubaneswar were in for a treat. They got to witness the musical play Devdas at Rabindra Mandap om Thursday.

Written by the eminent writer Devdas Chhotray, the play titled Devdas, has been jointly produced by Auromira Entertainment and Mitu’s Music. Writer Chhotray said, “Devdas has been created for the big screen multiple times, yet several aspects of the classic have remained unexplored which is why this retelling will find many takers.

Comprising of 10 beautifully composed songs, the production infused fresh perspective into the classic tale of Devdas by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Starring Rano Joy as Devdas, Sheetal Patra as Paro, and BM Baisali as Chandramukhi, the new take on this timeless tale has pleasantly surprised the audiences, say the makers.

The play showcases Devdas and his beloved Paro’s eternal love which is childlike, stubborn and pure. The love birds adore each other. But Dev’s father wouldn’t let him marry her because she belongs to a lower status. Anguished by his father’s obstinacy, Dev writes a letter to Paro and leaves. In the letter he laments that he doesn’t love her the same way as she does and their marriage is not meant to be. He further asks Paro to forget him.

At this juncture Chandramukhi, a courtesan, enters Dev’s life and seeing his passion, she falls for him. How destiny plays with their fate forms the rest of the narrative.

The songs of the musical have been composed by Om Prakash Mohanty and rendered by Susmita Das, Arvind Dutta and Debasmita Mishra.

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