Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namashi says he can never stay in the house his dad grew up in


Namashi is soon set to make his big creen debut with Bad Boy, said when he visited the lanes his father grew up in, the magnitude of his success and the journey he undertook to achieve that only became bigger.

“When I had gone to Kolkata for the promotions of the film, I went to the house he used to live in, the house of my grandparents. When I went to the lanes, to that house, I can say this on camera, that Namashi Chakraborty unn galiyon mein kabhi nahi reh sakta hai (that I can’t stay there), because throughout my life, I have seen privilege, bungalows, cars, hotels, all kinds of luxury. But mere father ne un galiyon se, us ghar se bhi sapna dekha (but my father saw the big dream from that house),” the actor told.

Actor Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namashi feels his father is a shining example of the quintessential Bollywood dream, who worked hard to become a “hero from zero”. The actor said he recently visited the Kolkata house where his father grew up and realised he can never stay there, as he has already seen and lived a life of privilege and luxury.

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